Are You Trying To Choose A New Dentist?

Here are a few things about us that they may help you decide:

The Right Priorities

Your health, safety and comfort are most important. We will treat you with integrity.

While we offer the complete range of dental services & treatments, we will never pressure you into expensive or unnecessary treatments.

For our part, success is measured by helping one smile at a time.


Nearly everyone wants to know prices before they come in. However that’s like trying to tell you what a car repair costs; it depends on a number of factors.

What we can say is… we provide dental care at affordable prices. Our fees are based on the quality of the materials and technologies we use, and our expertise in performing the dental treatments. There will always be flexibility and choices available to you based on your requirements, priorities and finances.

We accept eftpos, all major credit cards and also offer Q Card.

Where To From Here

The best way to start is to come in for a check-up. We’ll be able to sit down and discuss your needs and develop a treatment plan for you (if treatment is even required).

You can see more about us on the about Tauranga dentists page.


8 Willow Street, Tauranga


07 578 9849

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 8am - 5pm (Fri 4pm)