Check-up – Examination

Dental Check-up in Tauranga

A basic dental examination is the first and most important step in looking after the health of your teeth and in preventing decay.

This essential service is necessary to identify problems or potential problems with your teeth and gums.

We examine the teeth for decay, using a Diagnodent laser where appropriate

We take digital x-rays to make certain that we find any unseen decay, or bone loss that could lead to problems in the future. We also check the effectiveness of your current dental restorations.

If you wait until you are aware that old fillings need to be replaced, it is usually too late, and you risk having complications which can be time-consuming to treat and cost more money.

We will advise you about fillings that appear to be wearing out so that you will be able to plan for the replacement. Most patients prefer to be in control of their dental treatment, rather than being inconvenienced by an unexpected dental problem or discomfort.

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