Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Tauranga

A bright smile gives the impression of vitality, radiant health and happiness, so it’s hardly surprising that people are looking for ways to have whiter teeth. So, it’s just as well that the team at Tauranga Dental House offer professional teeth whitening Tauranga customers can rely on to brighten and beautify their smile.

Tooth whitening is a perfect way for someone with healthy teeth to make a tremendous improvement to their smile. An attractive smile catches attention and can improve your self-esteem. We offer a selection of different teeth whitening procedures including chemical & laser teeth whitening Tauranga patients can rely on to brighten & rejuvenate their smile.

Entrust your teeth whitening procedure in Tauranga to our professionals. At Tauranga Dental House, we are committed to giving you the smile you deserve and letting you experience its benefits. With your comfort and satisfaction in mind, our in-office teeth whitening treatments gently lighten the shade of your teeth, guaranteed to offer safe, long-lasting results.

An attractive smile catches attention and can change your self-esteem for the better. Entrust your tooth whitening procedure to a professional.

The Tooth Whitening Procedure

During your initial consultation we will determine if you are a good candidate for tooth whitening. Normal yellowing (due to age or stains from smoking or eating habits) are readily fixed by tooth whitening. Other types of stains, such as from certain medications or chemicals, are best dealt with by means of veneers.

After ensuring that your smile will benefit from the process, we will take a mould of your teeth. This mould is used to design and create whitening trays for your mouth. Perfect construction ensures the safety of your gums and reduces hassle for you during the whitening process.

When your trays arrive from the dental lab, you return for a second visit. The trays are checked for fit and you are taught how to use the whitening agents. The trays can be worn overnight or during the day, it’s your choice.

Teeth that are not alive and have had root canal therapy can be internally whitened. Whitening vital teeth is reported to be safe and successful. Whitening teeth is somewhat unpredictable. There are indications for whitening teeth; it’s important to be aware of the limitations of whitening.

One-hour power bleach is also available to ‘kick start’ the whitening process.

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